Anonymous: do you take requests? 


Anonymous: have you started school? and what year are you going to be in? and what's your favorite thing about it? (sorry for my english and too many questions) 

I’m starting 11th grade on monday and honestly theres no favorite parts expect breaktimes during the day! and your english is fine and ily :)

Anonymous: HELP! I am ordering my first clothing order online from topshop, and I'm not sure about the sizing and some delivery things! Can u help? 

I’m sorry but I have never ordered anything from topshop so I dont lnow about the sizing or the delivery! Try asking someone who has or read previews online xx

Anonymous: Do you have a uniform for school? and if not what do you wear? 

We do, but it’s only a grey top with a small logo on it! and I would wear like basic tops and jeans but spice it up a bit!

Anonymous: which superga shoes do you like the most? 

I like the all black ones or the ones with beige!